Refined Medicine, It’s About Time

When applying to medical school I reached out to a family friend and physician for advice. I expected to receive words of encouragement and inside information about how to navigate the med school acceptance process. Imagine my surprise when I was told that, although once a noble profession, medicine wasn’t what it once was. ‘Get out now’ were his exact words.

Fast forward half a decade and it’s obvious that I didn’t take that advice, though I have thought about it often. I initially wrote it off as one disgruntled doctor with an unfortunate experience and outlook, though I’ve come to realize that it may not have been as unique a perspective as I thought.

Medicine is still a noble profession, filled with individuals who, at their core, entered the field to do their part in relieving human suffering. We all imagined spending our days at the patient’s bedside creating lasting relationships while helping others restore health.

Unfortunately, for both doctor and patient, medicine has followed suit of the world becoming more and more automated and often robotic. With this evolution have come dramatic changes in what fills each hour of our day. The bedside has been replaced with computer screens, in-depth physical exams with innumerable clicks and pre-authorizations.

Refined Medicine follows my personal journey as I navigate the world of medical training, bringing you behind the scenes to the daily ins-and-outs of a family medicine resident starting from day one. Along the way I’ll share and discuss the barriers and obstacles that have been placed in the way of quality doctor-patient time and the inspiring stories of individuals working to overcome them.


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